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Broth RX was created during Kristen and Jane's time as Pilates/fitness studio owners. Friends since college, they share a mutual passion for health and wellness and have always enjoyed experimenting with their own fitness and nutrition.

Firm believers in a balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle, they successfully helped many clients become strong & healthy by developing awareness in their bodies. Health & vitality is so much more than how much you workout, its about understanding how what you put in & on your body affect you. Its about experimenting with your nutrition, workout routines, and even your beauty products to see what makes you feel best, and then doing more of that. Its about paying attention, listening to your body, to what its telling you through the appearance of your skin, energy levels (or lack there of), digestion of foods, quality of sleep and peace of mind.

Kristen and Jane started making their own broth in small batches at home. Sourcing only the best local ingredients and experimenting with different flavors and ratios became their passion. They started seeing the transformation in their own bodies, more energy, stronger hair & nails, healing of digestive issues, better sleep. Educating their fitness clients on the importance of nutrition has always been a key component in their approach to health, so naturally they began sampling the broths they were making at home and received lots of positive feedback. They began selling BrothRX at their Pilates studio and as the demand continued to grow they moved production to a commercial kitchen in Downtown Los Angeles. We look forward to sharing our broths with you!

bombarded with toxins

We are bombarded with toxins everyday knowingly and unknowingly. From pollution in the air to chemicals in our food, water system and self care products. The stress of our busy lives is a big contributor to declining health in an already weakened immune system.

Broth RX was created to help you heal, restore and thrive.


Radiant health starts from the inside out. Maintaining a healthy digestive system is crucial, after all our immune system resides in our gut. When your gut is healthy you are better able to absorb the nutrients you consume from food and supplements, and you feel better! Win, Win.


Our broths aid in lowering inflammation, the root cause of many diseases, and help to restore health to many systems in the body, most importantly digestive health.


When you are healthy and full of energy you are better able to enjoy life!

A healthy and beautiful body starts from the inside out.

Let your true health & vitality shine through.

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