Meet Megan Sewards

Our Registered Dietitian

Broth RX | Meet our Nutritionist | Megan Sewards

Megan Sewards is a Registered Dietitian who has been in the field of nutrition research as well as clinical practice for over 10 years.

She obtained her undergraduate degree in Nutrition Science at San Diego State University in 2005 and acquired her Master’s Degree in this pertinent field in 2014. Her work history includes an assistant graduate professor in nutrition and dietetics, private practice dietitian as well as a clinical dietitian within acute care facilities.

She has held her CSO (Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition Certificate) since 2012 and is currently well versed in all areas of current nutrition research.

How she practices self-care

“I try to practice what I preach. I have been a Vegetarian for over the last 15 years (not to say this works for everyone) and try to avoid highly processed foods (junk food, eating out, etc.) as much as possible. I eat small frequent meals/snacks which I feel prevents over eating. I stay decently active with at least 30 minutes of walking and or light activity daily. I allow for my vices (dark chocolate, pizza, a little red wine – we all have something right?) in moderation as I do not believe in over restriction as it often leads to indulgent behaviors.

I stay abreast of current nutrition research and continue to change the foods I incorporate into my daily intake as much as possible. Its not about “dieting” its about eating healthy for life”.

What inspires her?

“I love learning about the ever changing world of nutrition research and how it can be linked to decreasing and/or preventing disease. I love seeing positive outcomes for my clients as well as how my nutrition instruction and education may result in positive changes for them in their lives”

She loves what she does and it shows. She loves helping others and uses her knowledge as power in counseling all of her clients. She continues to stay well informed in the field of nutrition in order to ensure her clients have nothing but the most accurate information to apply.

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